Our Coaches

Riders Receive Optimal Attention and Coaching

Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club welcomes riders from around the world, inviting them to enhance their equestrian skills. The Club is dedicated to fostering a secure, enjoyable, and enriching environment for riders of all levels. 


With a team of fully qualified BHS coaches, the Club offers comprehensive programmes ranging from fundamental basics to advanced jumping and dressage techniques. Courses are tailored to address each individual rider’s needs, ensuring customised attention and progress.


Lessons are conducted in private, semi-private, or group settings ensuring each rider receives optimal attention and coaching, guiding them to continual development and success.

Meet Our Coaches

Read the bios of each Coach here or by clicking on their image.

Andrew Shellum

Riding School Manager

Anour Najim

Riding Instructor

Nina Kroonenberg

Riding Instructor

ADEC Audrey Vavasseur
Audrey Vavasseur

Riding Instructor

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